Send Traffic To Your Squeeze Page

In order to build a profitable list, you NEED to actually find people interested in your niche that are willing to become your subscribers. While there are hundreds of ways available both online and offline to do this, some methods work better than others. Some of these methods work well but will require a considerable length of time to add a significant number of subscribers to your list.

There is a simple formula to determine how much traffic you will need to send to your subscription form to get subscribers. The formula is:

Visitors x Conversion Rate = Total Number of Subscribers.

So if you want to grow your list to 1000 subscribers and you conversion rate is 10%, you will need to generate enough traffic that you get 10,000 visitors to your opt-in page:

10,000 x 10% = 1000

However, if your conversion rate is 20%, then you would only need 5,000 visitors:

5,000 x 20% = 1000

Obviously, you would want to convert your visitors at a higher rate as you would need fewer of them to reach your goal of 1000 subscribers.

In exchange for their names and email addresses, your subscribers will expect something in return. You may want to offer a free report, e-book, audio, video or something else of value related to your niche. This is known as a ‘lead magnet’ or ‘ethical bribe’.

Whatever you offer as an “ethical bribe”, make it something that your potential subscribers will want and that they can’t get everywhere else. Very few people will subscribe to your list if you offer something that is available everywhere on the internet. The best product to offer is one that you have created yourself and that is only available to those joining your list.

You may want to use a squeeze page where you offer your ‘ethical bribe’. Always require your potential subscribers to give you their names and email addresses before they can download it.

PLEASE NOTE: Whatever you do, NEVER purchase leads.

You can use either free or paid methods to generate traffic.

Here are just a few free methods:

Write articles and including a link to your squeeze page in your resource box;

Publish a weekly newsletter and include a link to your squeeze page in every issue;

Promote your squeeze page on every one of your web pages;

Join forums and include a link to your squeeze page in your signature file;

Write viral reports that include a link to your squeeze page.

Paid methods include:


Purchasing solo ads in other newsletters;

Joining a site where you pay a fee to swap ads with other members.

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